About us

If you are looking for medical eye care, or if you have symptoms which make an eye operation advisable, then you will certainly want to be treated by specialists who have real expertise in this field.

Vision International's goal is to guarantee the highest possible levels of quality and safety in all areas of medical eye care. Your own personal needs and expectations are of the greatest importance to us. In order to decide what is the right treatment for you, we look closely at the special character of your complaint and take account of your own individual history.
Our way of working

As we at Vision International consider communication to be one of our prime responsibilities, we will be quite open and honest with you about the nature of your illness and how we intend to go about treating it. This creates clarity at every turn, giving you confidence that you are in good hands. The ongoing documentation provided for you makes for a high level of quality assurance.

Vision International's goal is to provide quality and safety through methodical procedures and to live up to the highest performance standards current in the medical profession. We constantly exchange information on our standards with leading international research centres and keep them attuned to the latest scientific findings. The service we provide is thus constantly being improved, reflecting our sense of responsibility and determination to offer the most up-to-date eye care possible.

Consulting Rooms

Our consulting rooms are situated in Vienna's city centre, on the second courtyard of buildings belonging to the Schottenstift. Our architects made the best possible use of the historic building fabric to give our premises their own special character and atmosphere. Once you have been seen to by our reception staff, the waiting room provides a pleasant ambience with drinks and small eats on offer, and music to relax to.

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