Ass.-Prof. Dr. Weghaupt

Prof. Dr. Herbert Weghaupt

  • Graduated as Doctor of Medicine from Vienna University 1986

  • from 1987 further training in ophthalmology and optometry at Vienna University Eye Clinic

  • 1994 Diploma of the Austrian Medical Association (recognition as a specialist)

  • since 1996 Senior consultant at Vienna University Clinic for Ophthalmology and Optometry

  • 1997 Opening of a private practice

  • 1998 successful completion of a management course for medical administrators run by the Vienna Medical Association and Inter-Management Vienna

  • 1999 successful completion of the postgraduate course for medical administrators at Salzburg University

  • since 2001 Assistant Professor at Vienna University Clinic for Ophthalmology and Optometry


  • Specialisation in: eye micro-surgery and laser treatment operations for visual deficiencies

  • the execution of operation techniques for cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, corneal surgery, retinal and vitreo-retinal surgery

  • medical care for injuries and consequences of injuries


  • Ophthalmic surgeon since 1990

  • Since 1992, building up of the practice of eye-drop anaesthesia (anaesthesia without injection)

  • Since 1992, regular implementation of stitch-less operation techniques

  • Since 1993, regular multifocal lens implants

  • Since 1993, operation courses for surgeons in training for, among others, the International Institute for Experimental Surgery

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